We give our customers 300 BYN for promotion on the Internet


We want each of our clients to develop their business, increase the flow of customers and increase their profits. Therefore, we give all new and existing ActiveCloud customers a set of three bonus promotional codes in the amount of 300 BYN:

60 USD to Google Ads,

130 BYN for advertising in Yandex.Direct,

и 25 USD to Unisender email newsletters!

Do you have a business, but you do not advertise yourself on the Internet? It's time to start, because the competitors are on the alert! Remember that after the launch of the advertising campaign, the number of website visitors will increase, which may require more resources. ActiveCloud is always ready to transfer your project from shared hosting to CloudServer upon demand, as well as increase the power of the cloud. Thanks to this, you will not miss a single order from advertising!

The promotion applies to both new and existing ActiveCloud customers. The only difference is in the way the promotional code is received:

  1. For new customers. After ordering and paying for any ActiveCloud service (hosting, domains, CloudServer, etc.), three pop-up notifications with promotional codes for Google Advertising, Yandex.Direct and Unisender will appear in your personal account. Copy your unique promotional code in the window that opens. If you accidentally closed this notification, you can find it in the "Notification History", as well as request it by mail sales@active.by.

  2. For existing customers - a letter with promotional codes and instructions for their activation will soon be sent to your contact email address. If you have not received this letter, write to us at sales@active.by an email with the subject “Bonus promotional codes”.

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