Microsoft Ends Windows 7 Support

отмена техподдержки windows 7

Starting from January 14, 2020, free support of Windows 7, one of Microsoft’s most popular operating systems, which has been used by a large number of private users and organizations for 10 years, will no longer be available.

Microsoft Corporation has announced the end of free support for Windows 7 in advance due to the fact that the company supports each new operating system (OS) for no more than 10 years.

Will computers running Windows 7 stop working after January 14?

Computers will not stop working, but you will not be able to get free technical support and update your software or get security system updates. You can continue using the outdated operating system, but the best way to protect important information from cyber threats and malicious software is to install the most secure version of Windows OS to date.

To ensure that company’s business processes are functioning safely and smoothly, we recommend upgrading the operating system from Windows 7 to Windows 10 Enterprise.

ActiveCloud is Microsoft’s Gold Partner for cloud solutions, and a direct supplier of the brand’s cloud services in Belarus.

Enter the new year with a new version of Windows!

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