ActiveCloud Launches a Cloud Infrastructure Project in partnership with A1

In partnership with telecommunications, ICT and content services provider A1, ActiveCloud has launched a cloud landscape project at the A1 data center with a Tier III fault tolerance level.

“This project will enable us not only to provide a wide range of cloud services using a modern data center, but also to build geographically distributed disaster-proof solutions for the most demanding customers, using the resources of Belarus’ two Tier III data centers,” says Ruslan Raikevich, ActiveCloud’s Head of IT.

ActiveCloud, as of the leading suppliers of cloud solutions, IT infrastructure and hosting, is constantly working towards improving the quality of existing services and bringing to the market new ones that meet the most ambitious goals of our customers.

A key concern of businesses is the reliability and sustainability of the cloud provider’s services. This is achieved through distributed data storage in several data centers with a high level of fault tolerance.

Now ActiveCloud’s customers have an opportunity to host their resources in 7 world-class data centers in Belarus, Russia, and Lithuania.

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