ActiveCloud’s Management Team Holds a Strategic Session

ActiveCloud’s management team, together with Zubr Capital investment company, have held an offsite session to discuss the company’s strategy for the coming years.

Three days of work resulted in the transformation of the product portfolio and the approach to solving the tasks set by the customers; the whole team was motivated for change.

“A strategic session is both a platform for addressing outstanding issues and a launchpad for a new “rocket”. It’s like a second wind for an established company with 16 years of history, which wants more, and wants some change,” said Pavel Gonchar, ActiveCloud Group’s CEO, describing the event.

CEO группы ActiveCloud

Such teamwork was inspired by Pavel Gonchar, the CEO, and Anna Agashkova, Head of HR. In the run-up to the session, a working group was assembled to develop its plan, tools and objectives. Facilitators for various sections were also selected among the colleagues, with no outsourcing. The tools used included the traditional SWOT analysis, the BCG matrix, Osterwalder’s Business Model Canvas, and the Balanced Scorecard (BSC).


Anna Agashkova was responsible for facilitating the fair assessment of strengths and weaknesses, while Konstantin Zapolyansky, Zubr Capital’s Chief Investment Director, facilitated the update of the business model and vision for the next 3 years.


Prospects and trends were assessed by cross-functional working groups, which helped to look at each other’s areas of responsibility with a fresh eye. The final part involving the development of an action plan and timelines was facilitated by Pavel Gonchar. The joy of exchanging experience and large-scale ideas with an ambitious and well-established team was the emotional outcome of the event, which the colleagues took back with them to Minsk and Moscow.

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