GeoTrust True BusinessID EV

Тезис 1
No need to read how to order your SSL: you get detailed instructions when ordering
Тезис 2
Getting your SSL is easy and simple: you enter your data and get your key within ActiveCloud’s system
Тезис 3
No chance of losing your key and no need to pay for its duplication: it is stored in your account
  • Green line with company name
  • 1 domain, including www
  • Domain and company checked
  • Verification Level Advanced
  • Protects the domain for free with www and without www
  • Available only to legal entities

If you want visitors to trust your website more, use the GeoTrust True BusinessID EV certificate. In the address bar of the browser will be the name of the organization to which the certificate was issued, as well as the two-letter country code.

When ordering a certificate for a domain with www, the certificate will also protect the domain without www, but only if the ordered domain is a second-level domain, for example To do this, when generating a certificate request (CSR), specify the domain name with www. This rule applies only to third-level domains of the form

40 BYN/year

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