ActiveCloud has successfully completed the test period for cloud IT infrastructure of Idea Finance JLLC. The project helped the company save on new equipment costs and improve the reliability of software operation.

Idea Bank has been actively involved in the Belarusian banking sector since 2004 and is one of the fastest-growing Belarusian banks. Idea Bank has 100% foreign capital, its main shareholder being Getin Holding, a major Eastern European financial group. The holding operates in the markets of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Poland and Romania. Idea Bank is the brand used by banks in Poland, Ukraine, Russia and Belarus.

Idea Finance JLLC, a company that is part of Getin Holding, started working with ActiveCloud in summer 2014. To launch a new business process, the company required computing capabilities, and the IT administration of the bank was faced with the choice: either to buy its own server or lease cloud resources. The key factor that stood behind the decision to lease servers from the ActiveCloud data center was the absence of significant one-time costs to purchase expensive equipment. The choice of the contractor was based on recommendations of the parent company’s IT department and the expertise of ActiveCloud specialists.

ActiveCloud deployed specialized software in the cloud with personal 24/7 technical support. The operation of software at the data center became more reliable and secure due to additional communication channels and regular backup. Clients’ inquiries are now processed even faster thanks to the use of high-speed server equipment, which produces a marked positive impact on the quality of services and the company’s image.

“Moving applications to the cloud enables you to quickly increase the amount of computing resources for peak loads and ensure their failsafe operation and performance, even in high load conditions. ActiveCloud’s professional monitoring system is also an important advantage for banking, a very sensitive system. It ensures proactive response to incidents and management of virtual resources, both in the routine mode and in emergencies,” says Diana Rudovich, Corporate Sales Specialist at ActiveCloud.

In order to implement innovations, launch new services and products, quickly respond to customer requests and market scenarios, you need a reliable technology base and the most advanced IT infrastructure. The cloud solution from ActiveCloud empowers you to quickly access the most advanced solutions, while cutting IT costs and focusing on your business and customers.

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