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ActiveCloud by Softline has placed the web portals of Bankir.Ru News Agency in its cloud. The project empowered the news agency to ensure the high performance and fail safety of its projects.

Established in 1999, Bankir.Ru brings together portals about commercial banks and Russia’s financial market (,, addressed to both banking specialists and non-professionals who are interested in the development of the country’s financial market. The agency’s focus is on the promotion of the banking business in Russia, improvement in the quality and expansion of the range of financial services supplied to customers. Bankir.Ru is one of the most visited business portals in Russia.

Previously, the agency’s web services were hosted on six proprietary servers at a rented data center. As the projects evolved, traffic and load on the sites increased. The company sensed the lack of capacity, and over time the operation of the IT system became inconsistent, there were problems with data synchronization, expansion of the platform and the speed of the disk subsystem. Furthermore, wherever there were problems with the network, access to all information was lost.

“The Bankir.Ru leadership decided to deal with these issues once and for all and take advantage of the cloud service. We required a reliable supplier of cloud technologies with years of experience in addressing such problems. We found such a partner and committed our infrastructure to ActiveCloud by Softline specialists,” says Mikhail Mankov, Head of IT at Bankir.Ru.

When choosing its cloud provider, Bankir.Ru focused on the technical implementation of its cloud platform, organization of support, as well as fail safety and high availability of servers.

Bankir.Ru technical specialists together with ActiveCloud engineers transferred the portals to the cloud platform from ActiveCloud by Softline overnight. As part of the migration project, front-end servers (showcase), back-end servers and database servers were moved. Due to the meticulously planned concerted actions, the migration did not cause any idle time. Additional capacities were immediately connected, which would have been difficult in a standard infrastructure, as additional hardware and time to migrate the system would have been required. Cloud hosting enabled the customer’s technical team to flexibly manage the performance of servers, choosing their best configurations and roles. With the built-in load balancer, users turn to the least loaded servers, which significantly increases the speed of the portals.

Considering that sites work with important financial information of different organizations, ActiveCloud technical specialists helped the agency to implement a data security system and protection against DDOS-attacks.

“For such a high load portal, where the number of visitors exceeded 10,000/day long ago, being unavailable for even a minute becomes critical for the website,” explains Vitaly Myakshinov, Key Account Manager at Active Cloud by Softline. “We provide 24/7 technical support for the project. In addition, a dedicated technical specialist has been assigned who is also responsible for the administration of the web platform infrastructure. This enables us to provide a financial guarantee of 99.95% service availability, which is enshrined in our SLA.”

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