Unicloud — a developer of cloud service models-based products and technologies — chose the cloud infrastructure solution from ActiveCloud by Softline for its Business365.ru system.

Unicloud, which is part of I.T. Group, is a young dynamic company, its core being a professional team of talented developers. The company employs mentors from Germany, Russia and residents of Skolkovo. It took Unicloud only one year to develop and launch the Business365.ru system, join the Skolkovo Foundation and enjoy support from the Russian government.

The Business365.ru project, which was launched on a “cloud” platform as a result of rewarding cooperation between Unicloud and ActiveCloud by Softline, is designed for a user audience of hundreds of thousands from different time zones. The new cloud system makes it possible to effectively automate the main processes of small and medium businesses, effectively organize teamwork through the project co-implementation tool, enables joint problem solving, discussions, file exchange, and signing of contracts and certificates with the use of electronic signatures.

General Director of Unicloud Dmitry Torshin says: “After we developed the Business365.ru system, we were faced with the choice of an IT platform, on which this solution will work. We had considered many options — from buying servers and creating local office nodes to designing world-class data centers. After weighing the pros and cons, we opted for the CloudServer cloud infrastructure from ActiveCloud, which offered the perfect combination of quality, reliability and price.”

The Business365.ru cloud system makes it easy to set any team tasks and monitor their progress. The main features of the system are its user-friendliness, clear and effective user interface, easily customizable interaction between partners and employees. Business365.ru is stable and works with business-critical information, complies with Federal Law 152 and the requirements applied to the placement of personal data in the Russian Federation.

A series of closed tests were conducted with more than 200 users during the development phase, which confirmed that the system’s capabilities are in demand, whereas their sufficiency level is 90%. User experience proved that even beginners were capable of mastering the new interface fast enough. The use of the CloudServer cloud service to host the Business365.ru infrastructure fully meets the cloud nature of the Unicloud project. This contributes to the inherent scalability of the system, i.e., its capacity can be increased as the number of clients grows, and reliable clustering ensures its fail safety.

“As is known, the success of cloud transition and project development largely depends on the supplier. We chose ActiveCloud, a well-known provider with an excellent reputation in order to further build the Business365.ru project on the CloudServer cloud platform. The ease of use, complete automation, reliability of the platform, as well as additional services, such as a dedicated technical manager and 24/7 support make me sure that we made no mistake when choosing our supplier,” says Dmitry Torshin.

“We are pleased to work with this young but ambitious company. According to our forecast, many companies will be excited to work with Business365.ru. The solution helps automate processes both inside and outside the organization — with clients and partners. The user-friendly interface makes it easy to manage the product. We wish Unicloud good luck in further promotion of the system in the market,” says Igor Korman, General Director at ActiveCloud (ActiveHost Ru LLC).

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