The Customer. Priorbank JSC is Belarus’s leading commercial bank. It was one of the first banks to operate in the financial market of independent Belarus (established in 1989). Priorbank JSC is currently Belarus’s only bank with Western European capital and is part of Raiffeisen International, the largest banking group in Central and Eastern Europe.

The Challenge. Priorbank JSC has its proprietary Client-Bank remote banking system integrated with the IBM Lotus Domino-based email client, which is used to send notices of payments, receipts and other transactions to customers.

The solution no longer met all of the current speed and fail safety requirements; therefore, Priorbank JSC thought about moving to a more up-to-date system. The customer had the following requirements as it searched for a new solution: the system was expected to support up to 30,000 mailboxes and rule out faults, delays in sending messages and delivery failures. Furthermore, the customer had objectively formulated RTO (recovery time objectives) and RPO (recovery point objective) requirements.

The Solution. To address the task at hand, Priorbank JSC considered various email options, including Exchange directly from the vendor Microsoft. The choice was based on key indicators: cost per month, cost of support, and fail safe operation, operability, strict technical support requirements, and SLA, etc.

ActiveCloud offered the customer a failure-proof email solution based on the Dovecot IMAP and POP3 email server designed with a focus on security, configuration flexibility and performance. Priorbank JSC opted for the solution from ActiveCloud.

This solution is based on several virtual machines, located across various data centers to achieve the customer-set RPOs and RTOs. Replication is enabled between these virtual machines: if one virtual machine is unavailable at one data center, the customer enjoys the fault-free fully operational system running from another data center. This is how Priorbank JSC is insured even in the very unlikely case of an accident at one of the data centers.

Benefits of the solution::

  • Reliable fail-proof operation is ensured at the levels of the file system, server, data center and provider.
  • Email system complies with the banking industry’s leading international security standards.
  • The application of SSL over POP3, SMTP enables secure messaging.
  • The Customer was offered the Premium SLA, which excels compared to their previous email solution.

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