Website editors of the Association of Russian Banks rank the best marketing ideas for consumers of banking services on a regular basis. In the most recent rankings, independent experts gave the first place to Raiffeisenbank’s service, , which offers its customers cloud services for supporting and organizing their business processes. They are designed to help their customers tackle their day-to-day business tasks and rule out the high cost of engaging professionals. The experts highlighted the service, which allows making an online package of documents for the registration of a legal entity — an individual entrepreneur or a limited liability company. The procedure takes no more than 15 minutes and eliminates unnecessary problems associated with the service and wait lists at respective authorities. The system will not only create documents, but also check them for possible errors, as well as for compliance with the applicable legislation.

The project was implemented by ActiveCloud, a supplier of cloud services for businesses and individuals. Raiffeisenbank was provided with an automated platform of cloud applications and services to run and optimize its customers’ business.

In Belarus, similar SaaS services are offered by the mobile carrier MTS. Users can keep their accounts and create payment documents online, make their own websites in SiteBuilder, rent software and computing resources, work in familiar office and accounting programs from anywhere in the world. This technology platform is also supplied by ActiveCloud.

The top rank of cloud services among the best ideas for banks proves that analysts have a positive view of such initiatives of banks and recognize them to be useful for customers.

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