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StroiKA, a domestic manufacturer of doors, electric fireplaces, metal profile products, as well as the owner of the StroyKA building materials supermarket and the PlitKa ceramic arts salon, is now running its website in the cloud from ActiveCloud.

The team has very ambitious plans — to lead the way in its market! The company is making progress towards its goal on the basis of a competent authentic design approach, high quality products and the best service for its customers. This means that its top priority is not only the quality of products, but also everything that a consumer encounters when working with the company.

A critical tool for communicating with customers is the corporate website ( Up until now, it worked on regular virtual hosting. The site was managed using the standard Joomla content management system (CMS). Over time, due to increased traffic and load on the portal, the website began to show typical problems:

  • the system (online store) did not synchronize well with 1C-Accounting and was slow because of the large volume of goods;
  • a web programmer was required to stay in the office at all times, as some tasks were too hard for regular employees to perform.
Company owners and website administrators had to address a challenge — to make the portal as fast as possible, to provide users with detailed information about products and activities of the company, to synchronize the showcase with 1C-Accounting, while ensuring the automation of the order and sale process. Having explored all options, the company decided that the best solution is to migrate to the cloud.

One of the decisive factors in its choice of cloud resources was the ability to increase the capacity of the portal without any additional problems and without purchases of new equipment for the installation of the necessary software.

ActiveCloud specialists analyzed the existing and planned loads and identified the necessary resources to deploy the site in the cloud from ActiveCloud. The machine with the following characteristics was chosen: Linux CentOS 6.5. 1 CPU, 4 Gb RAM, SSD hard drives for the database and static content.

As soon as the migration of the website to the cloud was completed, the issues of synchronization and slow operation of the accounting software were resolved. Page opening and response time were significantly reduced. The second problem was also successfully addressed — the need for constant presence of a programmer in the office. ActiveCloud provided 24/7 technical support of the system, with regular software updates and consultations from the company’s specialists. Placing the application in the cloud allowed website owners to administer it from anywhere at any time, which greatly simplified the maintenance of the website and the work of the system administrator.

Owing to the cloud hosting of the website, the cost of its content has been reduced through the effective control of the amount of resources used and payment on the basis of their actual consumption. Therefore, it was possible to resolve some pressing problems and expedite the work of the portal, thus making it more convenient for both users and employees, which produced a positive impact on the attitude to the company and its activities.

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