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The 21vek.by online mall has more than 180,000 products on display and more than four million visits per month.

Since 2004, 21vek.by has evolved from a small online store deployed on conventional hosting into an online hypermarket with a huge range of products. The 21vek.by catalog currently comprises over 180,000 items and their number continues to grow. Not only new products, but also entire categories are added. This year, for example, an extensive Plumbing section has been opened with approximately 5,000 products.

According to the statistics of the Ministry of Trade, in 2014, 21vek.by held 12% of the e-commerce market, which includes noncommercial contacts: tickets, coupons, and services. Every year the company posts revenue growth, which is achieved, among other things, based on maximum customer satisfaction at all stages of work.

The company also believes that the use of effective technologies and innovative solutions in the key elements of business is its key to success. One of them is CloudServer from ActiveCloud.

The work of the 21vek.by online store is supported by two cloud servers working in pairs. The main 12 CPU x 24 RAM server supports website operation, whereas the second 10 CPU x 20 RAM one ensures fail safety and operability of software used by employees.

“Internet trading allows our customers to make both planned and spontaneous purchases quickly. Therefore, it is important to promptly respond to incoming inquiries: place orders, accept payments and deliver goods. The 24-hour availability of virtual showcases is very important here. For us it is one of the indicators of top-quality service and competent engagement with the client,” says the founder of the online store 21vek.by Sergey Vainilovich.

In its work with CloudServer, 21vek.by chose SLA Premium, which guarantees high uptime/availability of services and the shortest possible response time of technical support.

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