Cloud hosting provider ActiveCloud has completed a project to transfer to its cloud the online store and 1C IT infrastructure of — a leader in the market for spare parts. is one of the largest associations in Russia specialized in the supply of spare parts for vehicles of different classes, including special vehicles. Most of the company’s business is conducted through an online store, where the product is presented in the form of a catalogue. The specifics of the store is that every second there is a large number of calls to the database, which should be processed as quickly and efficiently as possible. As the business grows, the number of visitors, the range of spare parts and orders increases significantly, so it was decided to build a modern infrastructure, which will be located in the cloud.

A tender was organized among cloud services suppliers, and ActiveCloud was awarded the contract. “We liked the broad range of services provided by ActiveCloud, 99.95% uptime/availability backed by financial guarantees, automation, which allows you to manage resources, get statistics and have per-second billing of consumed resources. We would especially like to note the work of the partner’s technical support — ActiveCloud specialists were in touch any time of the day, promptly helping us in the deployment of the Internet portal and migration,” says IT Director Dmitry Rechkalov.

Infrastructure was put in place for the high load Internet portal, which consists of front-end and back-end servers, used as the showcase of the website, and database servers. In addition, a load balancer was deployed to ensure high availability, and the backup system was configured, allowing flexible data backup and recovery.

In parallel with the modernization of the online store, considered updating its equipment for the corporate 1C system. As an alternative to the company’s local servers, 1C was deployed in the cloud from ActiveCloud.

“Initially, the company’s management did not consider moving 1C to the cloud, but we were able to completely dispel the customer’s doubts, identifying such advantages of the solution as security, lack of capital costs, availability, and fail safety,” says Alina Moiseeva, Lead Customer Relations Specialist at ActiveCloud.

As a result of tests, users appreciated the convenience of working with 1C from the cloud, whereas the management benefited from the level of data protection and possibility of safe access of employees to 1C data virtually from any place in the world where they can go online.

“A specific feature of modern business is that often the success of an enterprise directly depends on the technology that it uses in its everyday work. We are glad that has chosen state-of-the-art cloud technologies, which will certainly help it make its business more efficient and minimize its costs,” says Igor Korman, General Director of ActiveHost RU LLC.

We are fully satisfied with the results of the project. The use of cloud services enabled us to cut capital expenditures, and most importantly, to manage and pay for resources flexibly, increasing and reducing them at peak loads or downtime. Now we are planning to create a dealer network that will empower us to sell throughout Russia, and the site that we have built now will certainly be of help, will give our dealers the chance to start their business without capital investments in their IT infrastructure. The migration of 1C into the cloud made it possible for us to reduce costs we would incur when purchasing equipment and Microsoft licenses, ensured fail safety and high availability, as well as the confidentiality of our data,” says Dmitry Rechkalov.

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