Trading House Vostochny

The Customer. Trading House Vostochny was established in 1996. As of today, the organization employs more than 650 specialists who work in 18 stores not only in Minsk, but also in region centers.

The main focus areas of Trading House Vostochny are as follows:

• retail (sale of vehicles and other property forfeited by the state).

• services: storage and transportation of goods, heat supply, operational, marketing services, etc.

• lease of state real estate.

The Challenge: Trading House Vostochny operates in many areas. The main requirement for the site, which the contractor Artis Media was expected to meet, was to simplify the work of the company and ensure fast processing of data bulks. There was a high probability that the website would be overloaded, as the amount of content was significant. The website was supposed to feature electronic auctions; therefore, the attendance was projected to increase fast.

The Solution. After refactoring, the CMS Bitrix-based website showed tougher requirements for server software and hardware. The catalogue provides information on products of many stores, which is updated on a daily basis. The 1C Bitrix website is fully compatible with 1C Enterprise, which is configured according to the requirements of the site. The catalogue is automatically updated every day. The entire range of products is downloaded from 1C and uploaded to the server. Administrators add this information from the server to the site, so that the website provides only relevant information — the goods on display will surely be available.

The Hosting Solution. ActiveCloud server capacities were chosen as the hosting platform. The components of the website require enhanced resource performance; therefore, CloudServer was chosen and data backup was set up using various tools. Given the inconsistent load on the website at different times, the company needed to constantly monitor the virtual machine. The goal was to rule out server overload and prevent the web resource from being unavailable to visitors.

This task was solved by assigning a personal technical account manager, who connected the virtual machine to the monitoring service. Based on prompt monitoring data, the specialist can quickly respond to incidents, control the load on resources and the operation of software necessary for this website.

The Result. The website operates quickly and smoothly easily dealing with peak loads. The news feed is constantly updated, new lots and auction results are published. The convenient catalogue of confiscated vehicles enables individuals interested in purchases to conveniently sort vehicles by categories to explore suitable offers.

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