The Customer. Ostrov chistoty is one of the largest retail networks in Belarus focusing on household chemistry, cosmetics, perfumery, personal care products, etc. At the moment it has 180 specialized shops located in 64 cities of the Republic of Belarus. The discounter network is constantly expanding, covering new areas.

The Challenge. For Ostrov chistoty it was necessary to put in place a convenient tool for online shopping — its website It needed to be understandable for a broad audience and operate without delays at peak loads. The company has a CMS 1C-Bitrix-based site and has an extensive catalogue, which implies an increased load on server resources.

The Solution. ActiveCloud was picked as a reliable partner to provide hosting. Specialists formulated specifications to create a virtual machine based on two processor cores and 4GB RAM, also provided a system disk with complete root access. It was important for the Customer to have a flexible tool that easily adapts to the possible increase in loads on the site when launching its delivery service. An important requirement was to set up project failsafety, implemented by creating snapshots on a custom-designed schedule. Therefore, a fault-tolerant structure was created, where data can easily be recovered in case of failure at any time within a few hours.

The Benefits. The project was a success: the website turned out to be as functional as possible, convenient for the user and, most importantly, consistent and reliable even under heavy loads. The slogan “Easy to Choose – Easy to Buy” became the embodiment of the new online project; all customer requirements were taken into account. Hundreds of satisfied customers are placing orders on the Ostrov chistoty website as you read this, purchasing necessary goods with convenient delivery and at competitive prices!

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