Schneider Electric Belarus

The Customer. The Belarusian office of Schneider Electric Corporation, a global expert in energy management and automation. The company offers integrated energy efficiency solutions for power engineering and infrastructure, manufacturing enterprises, civil and residential construction facilities, as well as data processing centers. Schneider Electric divisions successfully operate in more than 100 countries, including Belarus.

In our country, the company operates in the following sectors:

  • Building automation and security
  • Electricity distribution
  • Backup power and cooling systems
  • Solar power
  • Wiring equipment and control systems
  • Automation and industrial control

The Challenge. Schneider Electric Belarus ordered from MiSoft NVP CJSC (the official distributor of 1C in the Republic of Belarus) the 1C accounting system. That new system needed to be installed on the server. MiSoft NVP, a long-standing partner of ActiveCloud’s, recommended our cloud, which had already been tested in the course of several successful projects (for example, the recent case of the White Wind Publishing House), to the customer.

The Solution. Initially, Schneider Electric Belarus requested a test 1C version from MiSoft NVP in order to check out the capabilities of the system and learn all of its features. For the trial period, MiSoft ordered a cloud server from ActiveCloud to deploy a test machine. After successful tests, Schneider Electric Belarus ordered the 1C accounting system. MiSoft NVP, for its part, suggested that work in the cloud from ActiveCloud should continue: after all, the system was not only deployed on CloudServer, but also proved to be quite efficient. Schneider Electric Belarus agreed and signed a contract for a cloud server.

This case has several notable features. Schneider Electric applies stringent corporate security requirements. Therefore, all connection settings complied with the company’s security policy standards, which imposed additional difficulties. However, specialists at MiSoft and technical experts at ActiveCloud were able to effectively address any issue that might arise in order to expedite the launch of the project. In addition, Schneider Electric Belarus wanted to acquire licenses. At the moment they have only purchased a Windows license, but in the near future they are planning to buy some other software products as well.

The Benefits. The 1C case for Schneider Electric Belarus has captured the following advantages:

  • Fast launch — just as many other projects envisaging service migration to clouds, this one was deployed very quickly (several times faster than when using standard hardware).
  • Easily scalable IT resources to match the growth of the company — for Schneider Electric Belarus, one of the obstacles preventing the rapid development of the organization was eliminated.
  • Possibility to open an office quickly — the use of CloudServer enabled Schneider Electric to open its regional office in Belarus much faster.
  • Legalization — a customer enjoys easy access to Microsoft software legalization.
  • There is no need for major investments — companies can now invest in their business, not in the arrangement of their server.

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