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Armtek is a supplier of products designed for the operation, maintenance and repair of automotive equipment in the aftermarket for auto parts and automotive components that is well-known in Belarus and Russia. The company was founded in 1995 and currently unites under the single Armtek brand wholesale operators, specialists in the market for spare parts for foreign-made cars and trucks.

Armtek positions itself as a wholesale distributor; therefore, the critical parts of the business — purchases, logistics and sales — are all automated. IT support is built as a single installation, and the functions of this system are available to users of the entire group of companies. Systems have been put in place for document flow automation and order execution control, along with a portal for external users. The systems are in-house solutions developed to promote self-service. A customer’s manager views their balance, the flow of goods that they will receive, stock balance and items available for order. They can make an online order and indicate the delivery point. The system will also show whom to contact and outline the sequence of actions.

Armtek’s information resources contain more than 7,000,000 items for more than 500 brands of car and truck spare parts. The constant flow of customers requires that the company’s websites and should be hosted on two cloud servers with 1 CPU x 2 GB RAM configuration. This solution is capable of quickly expanding resources and thereby ensuring uninterrupted operation in case of a sudden increase in traffic.

The configuration of the cloud server hosting the online store is markedly more powerful: 4 CPUs x 8 GB RAM x SSD 40 GB. This is due to the extensive range of spare parts for trucks from leading European manufacturers Mercedes-Benz, MAN, Volvo, Scania, DAF, RVI, IVECO, foreign-made semi-trailers, buses, various electrical equipment, equipment for service stations and tools.

Smooth operation of the company’s largest online store is ensured by the 8 CPU x 32 GB RAM cloud server from ActiveCloud. This is enough to provide customers with access to 7,000,000 items of auto parts, consumables, accessories for cars manufactured in Europe, Asia and the U.S. from leading international manufacturers.

For other IT resources Armtek additionally rents three cloud servers, with a total computing power of over 12 CPUs and 40 GB. Armtek’s contract for CloudServer is augmented with SLA Premium level, which guarantees high uptime/availability of services and the shortest possible response time of technical support.

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