The Customer: Parfum Trade LLC, operating under the Mila brand — a chain of cosmetics, perfume and household chemicals stores. The company’s network includes more than 400 POS located across the Republic of Belarus.

The Challenge. The company has changed to a new version of its website The previous version ran from virtual hosting, which was enough for the functionality of the old web resource. However, the updated version of the website required more resources due to new features and capabilities, and virtual hosting was not enough.

The Solution. ActiveCloud managers offered Parfum Trade a transition to CloudServer. Our experts selected the most efficient configuration for the new Mila website and provided cost calculations of the cloud server.

Initially, the Customer was given a test period to explore CloudServer and check out all of the advantages of the cloud without financial costs and migration commitments. Parfum Trade appreciated the features of the cloud server from ActiveCloud, convenience of the client panel, possibility of increasing resources alongside other benefits. A contract was executed for the use of CloudServer. The website has successfully used its capacity for a few years now.

Benefits of the solution

  • Implementation of all functions of the new website, which would be impossible with the use of shared hosting.
  • Scalability — additional capacity is available in case of website traffic growth, on days of promotions, etc.
  • User-friendly client panel with a convenient interface for managing CloudServer.

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