The Customer. OMA is the largest retailer of construction materials, tools, products for home and garden in Belarus. It was founded in 1992 and currently operates 26 retail facilities. The company has more than 2,900 employees.

The Challenge. At the end of 2017, OMA launched a new project — WebTutor educational software. The objective of the project is to create a modern educational and informational platform at the company capable of addressing any personnel training and development issue, as well as building internal communication.

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The program was ready for launch, and Office 365 licenses were already purchased from the client. The customer only needed to decide on software deployment on the server. The main requirements for the cloud were dictated by the features of the WebTutor software:

  • ability to deal with a large flow of users (from 1,000 at a time),
  • scalability depending on company growth,
  • ability to provide remote access beyond the company offices,
  • support and proper playback of SCORM, 3D, HD video,
  • support for webinars and virtual classes.

In addition, it was important for the customer to launch the project very quickly — by the end of 2017, because they scheduled their curricula starting early 2018.

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The Solution. OMA approached ActiveCloud with a request to provide the infrastructure to host the WebTutor software. Managers and technicians prepared a quote with a suitable CloudServer configuration. One of the features of the project was the need to meet the budget. This is why ActiveCloud managers prepared a special flexible price offer for a cloud server so that the customer would have no difficulties. OMA was satisfied with both the technical specifications of the cloud solution from ActiveCloud and the cost of our services. A contract was executed in the shortest possible time, and soon enough, a cloud server was created and WebTutor was launched.

Benefits of the solution.

  • Fast creation of the cloud server — the customer wanted to have all of its issues resolved in December 2017 to begin the year 2018 with educational software running in the cloud.
  • Cloud benefits: favorable fees, scalability, uninterrupted access, etc.
  • The Customer enjoyed assistance of a personal account manager, who offered support at all phases and will continue to stand by throughout the entire period of cooperation between OMA and ActiveCloud.

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