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The Customer. The Texx Service Network of oil change centers (BTS-Auto division). In 2004, the company had only one express oil change station, and now Texx Service is the largest oil change network in the country. It operates ten centers not only in Minsk, but also in the regions (Grodno, Mozyr, Bobruisk, and Borisov). The company plans to further expand and open new centers in other cities.

The Challenge. Texx Service had to choose a new site to deploy the 1C system. Their two options were either to buy their own server, or go to the cloud. In the end, the customer preferred the convenient cloud to the expensive server.

The Solution. ActiveCloud specialists together with the Texx Service IT staff compared the cost of a physical server and the cloud based on the assumption that the customer expects to replace its hardware every three years. As a result, CloudServer proved to be the best solution.

Visualization of the cloud from ActiveCloud


Growth expectations were also accounted for during the analysis. Texx Service currently has 10 oil change centers, but the customer plans to open new centers in the near future. That is why the issue of very fast start-up of new stations is extremely critical. When using physical equipment, it is necessary to upgrade the server to connect new centers. However, it is not always possible to do this in the shortest possible time. On the other hand, there is no such problem with the use of the cloud: you can easily increase capacity as soon as the number of users and the load increase, etc.

Tests were carried out. Technical specialists of ActiveCloud established a virtual server of the required configuration, connected to it the necessary ports, and created a VPN-tunnel. During the next stage, they used monitoring tools to evaluate the load created by users to find the best possible CloudServer configuration. After successful tests and approval by the Customer, the 1C cloud server was launched.

The Benefits. Texx Service’s 1C system deployed in the cloud has the following advantages:

  • Quick project start — the infrastructure was deployed literally within 15-20 minutes.
  • Convenience in opening new oil change centers — new users can be connected to the cloud almost immediately, which speeds up the overall start-up time of a new center.
  • Lease payments for the server instead of significant one-off costs — the Customer does not need to make lump-sum investments in the purchase of servers and instead can focus on development.
  • Licensing — Texx Service received licensed software with a convenient model of lease payments.

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