Atlant-M Automotive Holding

International Automobile Holding Atlant-M has brought its consolidated online project to the cloud provided by ActiveCloud.

The holding has been successfully operating in the market for over 20 years now and is currently the largest automotive holding in the CIS. The company specializes in sales, warranty and service maintenance of vehicles, as well as the supply of spare parts. Oleg Khusaenov, Chairman of the Board, says: “Our company is the only car dealer that has managed to win a significant market niche in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. It is important that Atlant-M is the leader in each of these countries, rather than a minor player.”

This is why the company decided to choose the best hosting solution in the market when developing its image-making online project, which would adequately cope with the load of a wide range of functional services: online unloading at warehouses, customers’ personal accounts, e-book of reviews and feedback and much more.

The key feature of the project is the launch in three regions (Belarus, Russia, and Ukraine) within the same infrastructure. In addition, it was very important to take into account that the online service will rapidly develop, which means that the load on the servers will grow and change depending on the planned marketing activities in the three different regions. Easy server scalability and load management were prerequisites.

In addition, during the contractor selection phase, Atlant-M paid special attention to such criteria as failsafety and high server availability. This is due to the fact that the e- book of reviews and feedback that the company planned to bring to the cloud is an important project shaping the image of the company, which emphasizes one of the main business values of the group — its focus on customers.

“Having thoroughly analyzed the CIS cloud technology market and having explored the offers of many companies, we made our choice in favor of ActiveCloud and, as we see today, we made no mistake. We are very impressed by the competence and individual approach to solving our problems by ActiveCloud specialists, and we are satisfied with the quality of services provided,” says Andrey Golubev, Manager of WEB Projects at Atlant-M.

ActiveCloud specialists conducted an audit of the project, which resulted in the decision to perform continuous proactive monitoring of server loads and performance, as well as IT maintenance of infrastructure by ActiveCloud.

In the course of project implementation, the servers of required configuration were deployed. The customer is therefore always assured that with any change of load (both scheduled and spontaneous), it can literally increase the server configuration in a few clicks. Furthermore, an additional backup system has been set up, thanks to which the customer is guaranteed that all of its data will be safe.

“We approached the Atlant-M project with maximum responsibility because we understood: it is an important image component of the holding at the international level,” says Ruslan Raikevich, IT Director of ActiveCloud. “Today we are glad that our main indicators of reliability and flexibility of infrastructure management not only meet the critical needs of the customer, but even exceed them.”

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