Minsk, August 19, 2013. – The flight planning system of the National Airline Belavia has migrated to the cloud provided by ActiveCloud.

National Airline Belavia is the country’s leader in terms of passenger and cargo air transport. In 2012, the company transported about 1,700 tonnes of cargo and mail, as well as more than 1.2 million passengers. Most passengers buy tickets online. In this regard, the company focuses on the quality and convenience of online services for its customers.

“We were faced with the task of deploying the newly implemented flight planning system of our airline in the cloud,” says Head of IT at Belavia Alexei Mogilevsky. “We considered this project a ‘risky experiment’, as it required the removal of data and business processes that are critical for the company’s operation beyond the existing infrastructure. Naturally, we approached the question of choosing a contractor with special care.”

Given the special concerns of the customer and the uniqueness of the project, ActiveCloud proposed to increase the test period of operation to 10 weeks. This allowed Belavia to collect more stats on system operation and make a more balanced decision on long-term cooperation.

The airline’s database and the web portal with users’ personal accounts were placed in the cloud. Moving such confidential information required the top level of system security configuration. Therefore, a VPN-tunnel (IPSec + PSK) and MsSQL Server 2012 were used. In addition, the necessary licenses were updated, terminal access was provided on the basis of RDP-clients and a data backup system was set up.

This enabled Belavia to ensure a high level of operation of many technological processes to schedule the work of flight crews and attendants, as well as to optimize a number of labor-intensive business processes of the airline.

“Before the start of the operation, we had concerns about the safety of our data storage, as well as some billing issues. But thanks to well-coordinated and professional work of ActiveCloud specialists we quickly realized that we entrusted the system to a reliable partner,” says Alexey Mogilevsky.

Incidentally, the project also played a very important role for the contractor. Ruslan Raikevich, Deputy General Director for Information Technologies at ActiveCloud shares his impressions: “Belavia is a large and serious company, which sets stringent requirements for its IT contractors. I need to say that for us to meet the expectations of such a company is a kind of challenge to ourselves and the market. We are proud that we passed the test with flying colors, both in terms of the corporate standard of the airline, and in terms of the complex technical requirements of the project.”

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