If your business is based on an online service, your crucial tool is your website, which should work smoothly and quickly without compromise and excuses.

The European School of Correspondent Education (ESHKO) is a vivid example — it provides remote training courses in foreign languages and modern professions for tens of thousands of people. ESHKO’s website www.eshko.by is an important channel for communication with clients, as well as one of the main ways to choose and order educational courses. This is why reliable hosting is a priority. Recently, the site has encountered problems: it was often unavailable, opened very slowly, and pages would not display. This affected both the attendance of the resource and the attitude of its customers — not everyone will show patience and perseverance and go back to the site, which is not working at the moment. The company’s management considered cloud services as it sought solutions. After all, they ensure availability, reliability, growth opportunities and cost savings.

The Challenge: To organize the operation of the website on the cloud server without losing important data during transfer and restore its work in the shortest possible time. To make sure the website works fast, pages, videos, pictures open, and training course selection and order functionality properly operates.

ESHKO engaged ActiveCloud, an expert in building a cloud infrastructure. Its specialists conducted an audit of existing problems, helped choose a price plan, performed a test launch and transfer of the resource to the company’s cloud.

The Outcome: Pages open a lot faster on the ESHKO website. The site is available 99.5% of the time. Configuration took some time, but the result was a reliable website, its biggest advantage being that it will easily build up the necessary resources without physically moving the site again, without buying and setting up new equipment. Data backup and safety issues have also been resolved. Even if the equipment fails, the data will be saved and can easily be restored. This is important to ensure business continuity and its stable operation.

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