About the Company:

Concert.ru is one of the largest professional systems of distribution, accounting and management of tickets to sporting, cultural and other mass events in Russia with a broad branch network across the country. The advantages of the company include a convenient system of ticket distribution, which allows purchasing tickets by phone, through the order form on the website or by means of E-ticket (electronic ticket). The company officially supports the festivals Sensation, Nashestvie, Eurovision song contest, concerts of such popular artists as Madonna, Sting, U2, Queen, Zemfira and many others.

The Background:

Concert.ru is actively developing: the number of branches and clients is growing. In this regard, the load on the website concert.ru — the main instrument of sales and the company’s Internet presentation tool — has increased several times. The problem with the company’s current infrastructure is that virtual hosting cannot deal with high traffic, whereas for the business, whose main activity is online sales, 24-hour availability of the resource and its ability to effectively tackle any traffic are critical.

The Solution and Implementation:

In this situation, Concert.ru specialists faced the challenge of finding a new reliable platform that could cope with any load, would have high fault tolerance and provide protection for user data when customers enter their personal information online. Another important requirement was the ability to expand the website’s capacity without having to replace hardware.

“Our company faces an urgent need to transform its existing IT systems due to the growing demands of end users on the one hand, and, on the other hand, the company’s need for innovations that can take the business to the next level. For this we need new, more efficient tools,” says Alexander Gomarnik, Development Director at Concert.ru.

Having analyzed the possible options, the company decided to move to the cloud, as it fully meets the requirements concerning availability, data protection and flexible scalability. CloudServer (IaaS) from ActiveCloud by Softline was chosen as the cloud platform. “When choosing our solution, we try to consider the balance between risk and cost. As a result, we want to get a service that ensures the reliability and stability of sites, regardless of the number of visitors per unit of time,” says Alexander Gomarnik.

Concert.ru specialists were granted access to CloudServer from ActiveCloud in the test mode and installed all necessary applications. At the moment, the migration of a number of applications has already started, while in some areas the test process is still in progress in order to explore the peculiarities of the cloud service and to avoid errors in further migration. In the near future, Concert.ru plans to move to the cloud the applications that the business considers to be critical.

“Cloud services are the very technology that can address all our tasks in the future. We understand that the success of the transition to the cloud largely depends on the outsourcing company, which is why we chose ActiveCloud as a well-known supplier with an excellent reputation. We hope that its competence and experience gained as a result of testing the CloudServer platform will allow us to achieve success and avoid issues in the process of further transfer of the most business-critical applications to the cloud,” says Alexander Gomarnik.

“Our company’s CloudServer platform meets all requirements set by Concert.ru. We are ready to provide and maintain a complete infrastructure that has such key advantages as top fail safety and data protection (the platform is equipped with automatic backup, RAID10 mirroring, personal data encryption), flexible scalability of consumed resources (users can manually alter capacities online). Our specialists are ready to provide round-the-clock assistance in setting up and maintaining the service and solve all issues that may arise,” says Anton Gavrilov, ActiveCloud Project Manager (ActiveHost Ru LLC).

Concert.ru is one of the leaders in the market for tickets to theatrical, concert, sporting and entertainment events in Russia. It was established in 2003. The company sells more than one million tickets annually.

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