Stolitsa Mini Football Club

The Customer. Stolitsa is a mini football club, the 2016/17 champion of Belarus. In various years, it won the Cup and the Super Cup of Belarus, and played in the main round of the UEFA Cup.

The website contains exhaustive information about the club and is actively developing: there are online text broadcasts of all games, regular news updates, and fans are enabled to communicate in comments.

The Challenge. Before moving to the cloud from ActiveCloud, the club’s website was hosted on a regular virtual hosting with a third-party provider. On regular days, the capacity was enough to service the site. However, on game days, when especially important matches between strong teams were scheduled, site traffic increased many times. Soon after the broadcast start, the site would crash because of the huge number of visitors and messages. Fans could not have information about the progress of the game; unavailability annoyed visitors because they were unable to follow the broadcast.

The Solution. ActiveCloud engineers analyzed the load on the website during peak days and proposed the best solution — to move the site to the cloud, so that during the days of games and heavy traffic additional capacities would be connected to properly handle inquiries from all visitors to the site. Managers chose the optimal configuration, and technical support specialists set up a server for free, moved the site to the cloud and connected additional software for caching files in order to speed up the work of the site for visitors.

In order to promptly address technical issues the club management and site administrators can benefit from VIP technical support — contact the dedicated engineer, who will help to resolve any problem at any time of day and night.

As a result, the site is currently available under any loads, and during championships games daily traffic may reach 1,700 users with more than 3,000 visits and 10,000 page views.

The Benefits:

  • The site works properly and quickly on peak days — all visitors and fans of the club can watch the broadcast without crashes, freezes and lags.
  • In case of rapid increases in traffic, you can quickly scale the capacity and process any number of inquiries without the risk of site crash.
  • VIP support, which empowers the client to quickly resolve any issues using voice messages without the traditional filling in of tickets and subsequent waiting for the response.
  • 100% uptime with the best capacity/cost ratio for placing the website in the cloud.

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