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The Customer. Nasha Pochta JSC is the first private postal service in Belarus and the largest network of private post offices. On September 14, 2015, Nasha Pochta became Belarus’s first privately-owned company to take a postal service license. The organization provides all postal and transport and forwarding services, delivering parcels, cargoes and mail across Belarus.

The Challenge. Nasha Pochta ordered a 1C accounting system from the software integrator Novacom. To deploy this system, server capacities were required. Novacom, a long-standing partner of ActiveCloud, recommended the customer to pick our CloudServer. An advantage of this choice was also the possibility to quickly launch the system with further adjustments and adaptation to meet the customer’s requirements.

The Essence. Initially, Nasha Pochta ordered from Novacom a test version of 1C to explore all of its features. For the trial period, Novacom ordered a cloud server from ActiveCloud, which was used to deploy the test machine.

The test was a success; therefore, Nasha Pochta placed an order for 1C, whereas Novacom suggested it should stay in the cloud. After all, our CloudServer proved its excellent performance and efficiency. The proposal satisfied the customer, and the cloud server contract was immediately signed.

One of Nasha Pochta’s requirements was a truly fast and reliable cloud with maximum fail safety and high speed. CloudServer meets all of these requirements. In addition, for the Novacom integrator it was important to be able to conveniently fine tune configuration, add new users and quickly increase capacity. The cloud from ActiveCloud complies with all of these requirements as well.

The Benefits. Nasha Pochta benefits from the deployment of the 1C system in the cloud for the:

  • Quick start — by analogy with many other cloud-deployed services, this system was put in place within a very short period.
  • There is no need for major investments — Nasha Pochta can invest in its business, rather than in its server architecture.
  • Legalization — the customer enjoys every possibility in Microsoft software legalization.
  • The easy scalability of IT resources alongside the growth of the company — Nasha Pochta was able to eliminate one of the main barriers that hinder its rapid development.

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