Novoe Radio FM

The popular radio station brought its website and related services and online applications (backup server, back-end mobile application, online broadcasting service) into the CloudServer (IaaS) infrastructure from ActiveCloud.

NOVOE RADIO is a popular Belarusian FM radio station, which broadcasts in Minsk and five region centers 24 hours a day. Novoe Radio focuses on contemporary popular music and hits of the last 10 years. To program its broadcast process and its interactive component, the radio station uses only state-of-the art solutions and the most recent technologies. On its website its listeners can participate in online polls, contests, vote for their favorite tracks in hit parades, listen to their favorite programs in the archive, read the latest news, etc. The Internet service is available for active web users. Novoe Radio was the first radio station in Belarus to develop and launch a mobile application for Android smartphones. Apps are now being developed for other popular mobile platforms.

Novoe Radio strives to expand its presence in the Internet, providing listeners with online services and the possibility of interactive communication with the radio station. To ensure this growth, a reliable framework is required.

Before the transition to cloud services, virtual hosting was used as the platform for the site. After the launch of new applications and an increase in the number of visits (the Novoe Radio website has a traffic of 60,000 unique visitors per month, and their number is constantly growing), the platform could no longer cope with the increased load. In addition, due to the failure of the hosting and backup system of the former service provider, important information was lost. These issues prompted the station to seek an alternative solution that would eliminate existing shortcomings and give a chance to increase capacity and performance of the platform as new services are added and the number of users increases.

After studying the hosting market in Belarus, it was decided to focus on the CloudServer (IaaS) cloud hosting from ActiveCloud. Specialists at the ActiveCloud technical support service moved the website of Novoe Radio to the CloudServer platform within a very short period of time, created and configured a backup system (backup is daily, the server stores seven last copies of the site). Cloud servers also have a back-end Android application, which synchronizes all information between the website and smartphones. The radio station uses the cloud server for streaming purposes. Negotiations are underway for the company’s internal systems to migrate to the cloud from ActiveCloud.

“Our choice of the provider was based on the premise that ActiveCloud — the pioneer of cloud hosting in Belarus — has vast experience in providing cloud services and offers a proven solution. We are pleased with what we have as a result — a reliable platform for our website; a backup system, thanks to which we can be sure that our important data will be safe; smooth operation of our online services and applications; a convenient control panel for all services. In addition, we have unlimited opportunities to increase our capacity,” says Alexander Pavlyukov, Technical Director of Novoe Radio.

“We were excited to work with Novoe Radio. The technical features of the solution can become an example of cloud IT infrastructure arrangement for a company of this kind (a website with a heavy load, several additional services, constant updates and a high degree of interactivity),” says Ruslan Raikevich, IT Director at ActiveCloud.

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