The Customer. Taxi NEXT LLC is a new generation taxi service, the Belarusian peer of the popular ride-hailing services Uber and One of the features of this service is the possibility to pay for the trip both in cash and a bank card. The company became operational in the middle of 2016.

The Challenge. The customer required a high quality cloud server to place its mobile apps: “Такси NEXT: заказ такси онлайн” to order a ride (for Android) and Taxi NEXT – book taxi online (for iOS). The main requirements for the server put forward by the customer were its stable operation under high loads and a qualified support service that quickly responds to users’ requests. Based on these requirements, Taxi NEXT chose ActiveCloud.

The Solution. To place the application “Такси NEXT: заказ такси онлайн” the Cloud 4 price plan was picked — one of the most popular tariffs of ActiveCloud, providing excellent performance at affordable rates. The Customer used Cloud 4 to deploy two virtual machines, i.e. essentially two cloud servers.


At the moment, the capacity of Cloud 4 is sufficient for the Customer. However, the plans for the year 2017 may call for more resources: Taxi NEXT plans to expand its operations to other cities in Belarus, which will require additional servers.

The Benefits. Having the mobile application “Такси NEXT: заказ такси онлайн” on the cloud from ActiveCloud has the following benefits:

  • Quick launch — the choice of the cloud for hosting the application made it operational within the shortest possible time.
  • Scalability — as the customer base grows, the Customer will be able to expand the capacity of the server in a timely manner to ensure excellent performance of the application.
  • Affordable rates — the cloud lease fee is affordable, the Customer does not incur significant costs, which produces a positive impact on the cost of trips for end customers.​

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