Sangfei Electronics Rus (Philips brand)

ActiveCloud by Softline announces the migration of the corporate email of Sangfei Electronics Rus, a representative of Philips GSM in Russia, to the Microsoft Exchange, cloud solution, which enabled the customer to save on server maintenance costs, software license fees, data and system security.

Sangfei Electronics Rus is the Russian representative of China Electronics Corporation (CEC) — a large manufacturer of digital technology products, which has an exclusive license to manufacture and market cell phones under the brands Philips and Xenium. Since 2007, Sangfei Electronics Rus has represented Philips GSM in Russia.

Since 2007, the company has used corporate mail services on local equipment. However, the critical drawbacks of such a system that became apparent over time — difficulties with email server support, outdated software, failures to organize corporate work, frequent unavailability of the service — called for a new email solution.

Having rejected the option of upgrading its own email server because of labor inputs and costs, Sangfei Electronics Rus decided to outsource its corporate email service.

After exploring market offers, experts of the company opted for the service from ActiveCloud by Softline: the company offers the popular Microsoft Exchange email solution in the cloud at a reasonable subscription fee, guarantees constant availability, automatic billing of resources and 24/7 technical support. Connection to the service takes a few minutes, whereas the simple and user-friendly interface makes email management easy. An important factor in choosing the provider was that as part of the migration to Microsoft Exchange ActiveCloud provides free migration and configuration of email in the cloud platform, offers automatic configuration of cloud email integration with local Active Directory, as well as automatic selection of the necessary number of email addresses within the chosen price plan.

After a month of tests, experts at Sangfei Electronics Rus made up their mind to completely move the company’s corporate email to the cloud.

As a result, the customer enjoyed a contemporary email service in the cloud for its corporate work, interaction between employees and addressing day-to-day tasks: document management, scheduling of meetings, booking meeting rooms and much more.

The cloud solution and the Outlook Anywhere technology ensure that email is available from anywhere in the world and from any remote device, supports convenient access from mobile devices and web browsers. ActiveCloud took care of all email maintenance and support issues offering financial guarantees for the SLA level of 99.95 % uptime/availability.

“Another failure of our old email server prompted us to seek a new solution. ActiveCloud’s offer seemed quite exciting: turnkey corporate email from Microsoft in the cloud at a reasonable price, serious companies in their portfolio, and service customization possibilities. The new email was introduced fast, with minimized inputs and excellent information support from ActiveCloud. We are satisfied with the solution we chose,” says Konstantin Lunyov, Service Manager at Sangfei Electronics Rus.

“One of ActiveCloud’s priorities is to popularize and promote the lease of business applications in the cloud (the SaaS model). This option of using software for doing business relieves companies of server maintenance costs, software license payments, data and system safety costs — we take care of any issue. We are glad that our offer turned out to interest such a well-known company as Sangfei Electronics Rus. We perceive our collaboration as an indicator that we are trusted and that our service is a relevant offer in the current market,” says Igor Korman, General Director of ActiveCloud.

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