DosLab, a developer of business applications, has successfully launched projects focused on the banking sector, microfinance organizations, and companies that outsource some of their operations in the cloud provided by ActiveCloud by Softline.

DosLab is a reputed team of business application developers. The company has a solid track record of innovative projects to automate large, medium and small enterprises in the cloud. DosLab’s products are used by service sector companies, banks, financial and industrial organizations (cloud customer engagement systems, call center, time and attendance trackers, etc.). The Skolkovo Innovation Centre has recently taken an interest in DosLab, thereby recognizing their developments as promising and potentially successful.

In order to effectively advance in the market and slash costs, DosLab has decided to offer its customers SaaS business applications, meaning that the company shifted its focus to the provision of software as a service in the cloud on demand. Its vast experience in developing business applications and corporate automation systems for different customers enabled the DosLab team to create a number of universal mechanisms and uniform templates that can be implemented in a large number of organizations. As a result, the team developed two business applications in the cloud: SaaSOffice (system for business-to-business communications) and SaaSCredit (system for automating operations of banks and credit organizations).

In order to successfully launch the projects, it was necessary to choose a reliable supplier with a reputable cloud technology. DosLab selected ActiveCloud with its CloudServer platform (“infrastructure as a service”). It is on this platform that the projects were launched after a brief testing period.

“Our product existed and was operational before cloud transition. It was offered to a customer as ready-made software for installation on local hardware. The new challenges and trends in the market prompted us that it was time to look for new approaches to make our product more popular and easier to distribute. As a result, we opted for cloud-based solutions — CloudServer enabled us to launch projects fast and at least possible costs. We only pay for consumed resources, which is crucial for such a startup project as ours,” says Bulat Dosmukhamedov, DosLab Founder and Project Manager.

The projects are designed to streamline costs and improving efficiency. SaaSOffice is conceived primarily as a network of multiple organizations, which can ensure online connection between companies registered in the system and their employees. This will help create a framework for successful engagement between organizations, accelerate the approval and decision-making processes, etc. Based on this platform, it is planned to develop a unified electronic document management system. The solution also offers functionality for the organization of interaction within the company (including for those working remotely), time and attendance tracking, and project management. At the moment the SaaSOffice functionality includes a corporate portal and a number of unique add-ons, such as a T&A tracker and a Google services integration module.

SaaSCredit is an innovative specialized software package for automating the operations of banks, microfinance institutions, and credit cooperatives. Advantages include simplicity, reliability, low cost, as well as numerous options and additional modules. The DosLab team is positive that due to its advantages and benefits the system will eventually have a strong niche in the market for software designed for credit institutions operating domestically.

“Cloud solutions are the future of SMEs, as they currently constitute the most marketable segment and enjoy ever growing demand,” Bulat Dosmukhamedov says. “We picked ActiveCloud to supply the cloud infrastructure for our projects for a reason. As we communicated, it turned out that we were on the same wavelength with their specialists and realized that we were dealing with real professionals.”

With the help of ActiveCloud’s technical support DosLab specialists successfully deployed projects in the cloud infrastructure. Drawing on the experience of implementing these systems on local servers of various corporate customers, system configuration was fast and problem-free.

“Cooperation with the DosLab team is an interesting experience of launching startup projects in the cloud. They are only gaining momentum, and they are excited about the possibility of having scalable cloud servers with convenient infrastructure management. We, in turn, are interested in keeping an eye on their further development,” says Anton Gavrilov, ActiveCloud Project Manager (ActiveHost RU LLC).

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