About the Company:

Founded in 1997, RosEco is one of the patriarchs of valuation consulting in Russia. The company provides services in valuation of portfolios of assets, businesses, shareholdings, intellectual property, real estate, development of optimal taxation and property management schemes, and evaluation of investment appeal of projects. The company’s customers include major Russian holdings, domestic and international companies operating in various industries.


To date, RosEco has launched two innovative federal-level projects in the organization of valuation activities in Russia. The analysis of the terms of reference conducted at the development phase showed that a large-scale centralized system is required to be put in place for these projects to be launched and become operational. Therefore, the company decided to deploy infrastructure in the cloud. Based on market analysis findings, the CloudServer (IaaS) infrastructure solution from ActiveCloud by Softline was picked as the cloud platform.

The first project envisages the creation of the “Information and Analytical System for Mass and Individual Property Valuation” in Russia. The objective of the project is to provide valuators with unified information software and methodology, as well as analytical findings for individual and mass valuation and taxation, examination, presentation of reports at expert councils, self-regulatory organizations, forensic testimonies, etc. In order to implement this project, a database of all property units has been deployed in the cloud provided by ActiveCloud and remote access is organized from valuators’ workstations across Russia.

The second project envisions the establishment of a system for the certification of expert valuators in Russia. In accordance with the requirements of the applicable legislation on valuation in the Russian Federation, state certification of expert valuators was introduced in 2012. In this context, it was decided to organize a unified network enabling valuators to take certification tests. In the future, it is planned to create 10 to 15 centers in the constituent entities of the Russian Federation to execute the authority of the Central Certification Commission. To this end, a group of valuators will be simultaneously taking online certification tests to be awarded property valuator certificates using ActiveCloud’s solutions.

Solution and Implementation:

The main criteria for picking the cloud from ActiveCloud were the following: automation of the service, high fail safety level, the provider’s technology and organizational preparedness to ensure the implementation of Federal Law 152 “On the Protection of Personal Data” of categories 3 and 4, as well as platform reliability. In addition, the customer appreciated the flexible scalability of the CloudServer resources depending on requirements all the way up to the possibility of supplying a high-performance system capable of servicing thousands of employees at short notice.

ActiveCloud specialists were responsible for the configuration of RosEco’s infrastructure and continued working with the customer by providing assistance in the technical aspects of projects.

“In my opinion, the use of cloud technologies, can become a breakthrough in the development of cost analysis systems, bring about a fundamental change in valuation business processes, and create fundamentally new markets for property valuation services. The introduction of such technologies is currently one of the possible ways to overcome the crisis in valuation activities not only in Russia, but also internationally. We are fully satisfied with the cloud solution from ActiveCloud. It has empowered us to implement our projects and outlined excellent prospects for their future,” says Evgeny Neiman, CEO of RosEco JSC.

“The launch of RosEco’s two major projects on the CloudServer platform made it possible to ‘stress test’ our clouds. They never let us down. The configured infrastructure is highly fail safe, available, and also flexibly scalable — these parameters are critical for valuation,” said Anton Gavrilov, project manager at ActiveCloud (ActiveHost Ru LLC).

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