Minsk Kristall Trade

The Customer: Minsk Kristall Trade, dealing in wholesale and retail of alcoholic beverages. It is the country’s largest operator of a specialized retail network integrated with wholesale warehouses, and has teams of sales representatives across Belarus.

The Challenge. The Customer experienced some problems with the slow work of its 1C accounting system, including during file and document operations. The reason for this was the location of the files — in the customer’s proprietary storage. Therefore, despite the developed IT infrastructure of Minsk Kristall Trade, the Customer required a separate cloud storage while enabling its employees to access it from the company’s offices all over Belarus. To address this issue, the company turned to ActiveCloud.

The Solution. Drawing on years of experience in tackling such issues, ActiveCloud offered the customer a virtual machine with SeaFile software, an independent solution that ensures file sharing in private clouds. It has a web interface and Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android and iOS clients. Therefore, this software proved to be the best solution to address the Customer’s challenge.

ActiveCloud specialists have deployed SeaFile on a virtual machine and provided Minsk Kristall Trade with access. During the test period, the Customer’s employees placed their 1C system files in the cloud, thereby reducing the load on their own server. As a result, a significant increase in speed with 1C was achieved, along simplified work processes with documents and files. The advantages of the cloud from ActiveCloud were apparent; therefore, Minsk Kristall Trade chose the optimal configuration and ordered a cloud server.

The Benefits:

  • The Customer did not have to upgrade or buy a new server for its files — the cloud server from ActiveCloud effectively manages all tasks.
  • Fast operation — the high-performance cloud from ActiveCloud provided the Customer with the optimal speed for working with files.
  • Scalability — where necessary, the Customer can increase the capacity of its servers at any time.

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