The Customer. Technocenter JSC (website — one of the leading Belarusian importers of video surveillance systems (cameras), metal detectors, thermal imaging cameras, photo traps, barriers, alarms and many other security-related systems. It is an official distributor of Sony and Cantonk in Belarus. The company has worked in the market since 1994; the current staff is about 50 specialists. Technocenter has obtained all licenses and certificates necessary for its work in Belarus: security and fire prevention activities, use of nuclear power and sources of ionizing radiation, QMS ISO-9001 conformity certificate, and testing and quality control of low-voltage systems.

The Challenge. Previously, the company engaged another provider to host its website; however, difficulties frequently occurred with the work of the web resource: there were technical problems, technical support had to be contacted on a regular basis, with charges applied for each inquiry. Therefore, Technocenter decided to change the hosting provider to improve the work of its website, as well as to reduce technical support costs.

The Solution. Technocenter specialists studied offers from Belarusian hosting providers and picked the virtual hosting ActiveCloud. They contacted the company, and our managers helped them choose the best virtual hosting tariff. The site was quickly transferred to the ActiveCloud server.

Yury Glinsky, Internet Marketing Expert at Technocenter: “In my experience, hardware requirements are extremely high for websites using Joomla, and in Belarus there are literally a couple of hosting providers with sufficient resources for such sites in their price plans. One of them is ActiveCloud.

I need to note the work of technical support at ActiveCloud: one weekend I turned on support for SSL-certificate in the Joomla settings of our website and could access neither the admin panel, nor the website. I was naturally very scared and immediately contacted ActiveCloud technical support. In about 15 minutes, the problem was resolved: the specialist told me which settings needed to be changed in the system files of the engine to get the site back up and running. Incidentally, I could not send a support request from my corporate mailbox (because I was working from home), but technical support had sympathy and helped me bring the things back to normal nonetheless.”

Benefits of the solution.

Yury Glinsky of Technocenter points to the following benefits of using ActiveCloud hosting to host the site

  • Favorable fees — as against other offers of Belarusian hosting providers.

  • Optimal capacity — ActiveCloud ensured excellent operation of the website that uses Joomla.

  • Efficient technical support — competent technical support staff without charges for each inquiry (as was the case with the previous provider).

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