The Challenge: to create a unique and stable resource at enabling users to design their bankcards.

About the Project. Design-it-Yourself is a simple and convenient service that allows a user to design a bank card. A quote from the service description: “The payment system Belkart empowers its customers to create the design of their personal card online. To do this, they can upload photos and draw using special tools. Then they need to save the image and either take it with them to Belarusbank, or place an order for the card through the website of this bank.”

The main page contains a graphics editor:

All pictures that are created by users need to pass moderation by the administrator of the resource, which checks them for compliance with the rules of the service. If approved, an image gets to the section «Gallery of Your Pictures», where they get feedback from the audience: visitors can “like” the pictures that they care for.

The pictures then compete in the Best Design contest.

Technical features of the project

The site uses the 1C-Bitrix content management system. To place the project online, the customer chose virtual hosting  from ActiveCloud. After the official launch of the project and its coverage in the Belarusian media, the website attracted significant numbers of visitors. The project began to lag, so the customer was proposed to promptly move to  CloudServer from ActiveCloud and deploy a Bitrix virtual machine there. The project was fully transferred by VIP support staff to the cloud server within one day (a new record!) and free of charge! The website is stable and is ready for heavy loads!

Payment methods

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Privacy Policy
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