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The Customer. The Esoligorsk.by by portal was created in 2000 as a narrowly targeted web resource catering for the Soligorsk District. The organization currently employs 15 specialists.

Esoligorsk — facts and figures::

  • Number of subscribers: 36,000.
  • Number of page views per year — 120 million.
  • Number of news reports — about 100,000.
  • Number of reference and informational materials — 70,000.
  • Number of forum messages and archives — about 200,000.
  • Ad system — approximately 7,000 local ads per month.
  • Discounts section — more than 2,000 items per month.
  • The internal payment system processes about 1,500 transactions per month.

Electronic Soligorsk has operated for 16 years and is a unique product in the Belarusian market for mass media and electronic directories. The project holds a dominating position in the region. The number of subscribers and daily visits exceeds the combined circulation of all media in the region, both in terms of news materials and visitors. The resource serves as a news agency and is the primary source of information not only for the residents of the region (130,000 people), but also for the nationwide media.

The esoligorsk.by project is unique for the regional market: 95% of the portal’s 36,000 subscribers reside in the Soligorsk District. Therefore, the resource covers almost the entire population of the region and is the main source of information for local key events and emergencies. On such days the load exceeds standard traffic 10 and more times! In addition, the portal hosts a large knowledge base on the history of the city, a significant amount of photographs and an active forum with a 16-year history, which contains several hundred thousand messages.

Electronic platform to advertise goods and services

In addition to its Internet media functionality, Electronic Soligorsk is also a large electronic platform for individuals and legal entities, whose number significantly exceeds that of popular Belarusian ad websites Kufar and Onliner in the Soligorsk District. The advertising platform of the portal currently counts about 10 million banner views per month. All major players of the Belarusian market, including all mobile operators, car brands, and many other leading Belarusian trademarks, let alone almost all regional businesses, place their ads on esoligorsk.by. For enterprises and organizations of the city, the portal provides an extended directory with pages of each company featuring detailed information, catalogues, contacts and constantly updated photos. In addition, legal entities benefit from space within the 3rd tier domain (mini-sites of enterprises).

Furthermore, the project makes use of tools to promote retailers — the constantly updated database of discounts at city shops. This is one of the most popular website sections. Green, Korona, Zlatka, Vitalur, MartInn and other companies and retail chains constantly upload their information on the portal.

The significant loads on hosting are also attributed to the need to maintain and store statistics of all kinds of portal services for our customers, both individuals and businesses. The vibrant project with 16-year history requires constant support, modification and development, for which the customer uses both internal resources and involves a permanent web development partner entitled Genshtab. All these components of the project require significant hosting resources, and since Electronic Soligorsk is a purely Internet project, reliable, convenient, scalable hosting is instrumental in meeting its obligations to partners and customers, site subscribers and regular users.

The Customer’s comment: “the 16-year work on this project means 16 years of collaboration with hosting companies. We will not call them bad or good, because at different periods of our development we had varied requirements for hosting services. Since the portal has been constantly growing, the project has gradually transformed and the audience doubled almost every year — as a result, we came to the cloud technology. ActiveCloud’s solution  is currently the most convenient tool where we can quickly and easily manage our hosting resources, all the way up to having additional resources at peak loads.”

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