Business Programs ALC

The Customer. Business Programs Additional Liability Company operates in 1C-based accounting and management automation. The organization supplies a complete package of services:

  • Consultations on software selection and its presentation
  • Software delivery and deployment
  • Subsequent software support and updates
  • Informational and technology support
  • Training of IT professionals and users

Business Programs ALC, established in 2005, is an official 1C: Franchisee. Its offices are located in Brest and Pinsk. In September 2016, Business Programs became a member of the Infopark research and technology association.

The Challenge. Business Programs ALC decided to launch a service that would be unprecedented in Belarus — the lease of fully configured and ready-to-work 1C:Enterprise 8 software suite. The service proved to be quite convenient, especially for small companies and startups: customers can select the necessary configurations themselves and save on the licensed software and updates, equipment requisite for software installation and its administration. In Russia, lease of ready-made 1C configurations is very popular, but in our country the practice is still rare.

Business Programs was set a task to launch and market 1C lease as soon as possible. However, for a full-scale launch, they needed resources to deploy the software. The Customer already had a certain pool of clients who have placed a pre-order, and therefore already needed to enable them to work with 1C. Therefore, the starting requirements for server capacity were more or less clear. However, Business Programs predicted a rapid growth of its customer base, which will require an increase in configuration for the comfortable work of its new users. Therefore, it was decided to use the cloud from ActiveCloud.

The Solution. As soon as ActiveCloud received the application from Business Programs, its specialists deployed the necessary resources while working on a very tight schedule — first, a test CloudServer so that the Customer could explore its capabilities, evaluate its performance, check out connectivity, etc. After selecting the configuration, the Customer purchased the domain name for the future project, on which the website was created for customers to learn the benefits of this service and place their orders..

Benefits of the solution. Over a short period of time, the service gained great popularity, as the subscriber base expanded from zero to 56 users. The number of users continues to grow. This success became a result of the following benefits, among other things:

  • Launch in the shortest possible time — if an ordinary server had been used, such timeframe would have been impossible, because equipment purchases alone would have taken several weeks. In the case of the cloud server, the test virtual machine was deployed almost immediately after the request.
  • Flexible configurations — it is easy to increase capacity when connecting new clients.
  • Licensing — the customer was enabled to flexibly use Microsoft licenses. For example, if customers choose to work with 1C via a remote desktop, then Business Programs can easily order an RDP license for the respective product. The customer thereby does not incur expenses to procure Microsoft server software.

Business Programs’ customers benefit from:

  1. The possibility to start working with 1C within 24 hours of their application.
  2. The use of legal software (1C, Microsoft) and equipment for just BYN 55/month, which would otherwise cost them several thousand U.S. dollars to buy and support.
  3. Round-the-clock access to their data at a secure data center — from anywhere in the world, with protection against all threats (hard drive failure, encryption viruses, theft of the database or computer, fatal failure of the database, etc.).

The first customers of Business Programs included Zolotoy Kolos Pinsk LLC, SegalAvtoLeasing LLC, Berkut ALC, ТSКpro LLC, VTKh-KAM LLC and Brest Special Enterprise CUE. The customer database is continuously growing.

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